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    Dog With A Huge Tongue Gets The Internets Photoshop Treatment

    dog with a huge tongue

    If anything is going to make you smile this Dog With A Huge Tongue is it

    Once the internet community get involved the photoshop creativity starts and the images just get funnier and funnier.

    Once Reddit user ilovetuckamer shared the image the Reddit community started photoshopping the dog with a huge tongue into funny pictures.

    Check these out: the internet never fails.

    First up is Giraffe-Dog

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    Not sure its the right look for the leader of a biker gang

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    Could this be the next Mona Lisa?

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    Ostriched My tongue

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    SSSSSeriously Sid

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    Everybody say sausages for the camera

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    Snoop Dogg

    Really good boy.

    Hakuna Matata what a wonderful tongue

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    May the tongue be with you

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    Canine Obesity: UK To Have Fattest Dogs In The World

    canine obesity

    A Canine Obesity expert says that if the problem continues, as many as 1 in 20 dogs will be overweight within 10 years.

    A high percentage of dogs are affected by canine obesity that they are unable play and run for a few minutes.

    This will put them at a higher risk of developing canine diabetes, heart disease and even strokes or cancer.

    Lack of exercise and overfeeding are the biggest factors that are fuelling the canine obesity problem.

    The UK already holds the embarrassing achievement of being the Human Obesity capital of Europe.

    A leading canine nutrition expert, Simon Booth, has issued this warning after carrying out 9 years of research and surveys.

    canine obesity

    Overfeeding, a serious problem:

    A poll showed that as many as 15% of dog owners are overfeeding their dogs by 1000 calories a day.

    Two years ago the PDSA released news that 1 in 3 dogs are already overweight and quickly approaching the obese classification.

    After a recent survey of 500 people Simon found that 93% ‘spoil’ their dogs,

    • 29% of these people give treats, biscuits or chews throughout the day.
    • 24% give their dogs scraps from there own meals at least once a day.
    • 10% did give their dog extra exercise if they had scraps, but the majority didnt.

    Unless feeding habits are changed, the UK will become the Canine Obesity Capital of Europe.

    Its Not just people that have lack of exercise:

    1 in 5 dog owners in the UK are to lazy to give their dogs a walk everyday.

    Despite constant advice from vets and other welfare experts, about 2 million dogs don’t get enough exercise.

    The Kennel Club survey of around 1000 dog owners and found that a third of them are obese themselves.

    Too many dogs are not getting the exercise that they need, which can reduce both the length and quality of their life.

    Many people think dogs get enough exercise in the garden through out the day.

    If dogs don’t get enough exercise, they can become bored, depressed and cause havoc in the home.

    Dogs need a walk of at least 30 minutes a day, and ideally a second one of the same time.

    The PDSA warned that half of Britain’s dogs will suffer a painful and early death because their owners make them fat.

    Owners are the sole reason for a fat dog, it is unlikely that a dog can obtain enough food itself to become overweight

    If you have any concerns about your dogs weight lots of information can be found here

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    Get Rid Of Your Dogs: Wait Till You See What This Expectant Couple Did

    get rid of your dogs

    Get Rid Of Your Dogs!!!!

    Dog owners know that their dogs are as much a part of the family as any human, but could you get rid of your dogs?

    This couple has been under pressure from many people saying “Get rid of your dogs” when they find out the couple are expecting a child.

    Sanjana Madappa and Aditya Raheja, posted on Facebook explaining how, family members, friends and even doctors had all advised them to get rid of their dogs, but they refused.

    Now parents to Ayan, the family also has 5 resuce dogs adopted from the rescue centre where Madappa works.

    In response to the criticism they decided to include the dogs in a maternity photoshoot to show that the dogs are and will be part of the family.

    Madappa stated that she is happy and proud that she made it through the pregnancy despite all the criticism.

    The mother-of-one had a difficult pregnancy and for 6 months suffered with morning sickness, even vomiting blood as a result, and was in the category for high risk for premature delivery.

    Posted by Shravan Krishnan on Thursday, 26 January 2017

    Posted by Shravan Krishnan on Thursday, 26 January 2017

    Posted by Shravan Krishnan on Thursday, 26 January 2017

    However Madappa said she never even considered getting rid of her dogs: “My dogs are the reason I got through my pregnancy with my sanity intact.

    Madappa also says that because shes has had the dogs around her they have helped prepare her for motherhood.


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    These Dogs Catching Treats Will Make Your Day

    Dog Catching Treats

    Dogs Catching Treats in Pictures

    Most dog owners know the fun involved with taking pictures of there furry friend. There are some situations that can be tricky unless you are a top photographer.

    German photographer Christian Vieler loves to capture the images of dogs we wouldn’t have a chance of getting.

    Christian has captured Dogs Catching Treats using the power of slow motion filming.

    These photos will show the real struggle dogs face when trying to catch treats, and also give us humans a little laugh

    SHARE these amazing pictures with your friends. They will definitely love them!

    1. I’ve got this..

    Dogs Catching Treats
    Fotos Frei Schnauze by Christian Vieler

    2. Too easy, could do this all day long

    Dogs Catching Treats
    Fotos Frei Schnauze by Christian Vieler

    3. Ready 1… 2….  Gone

    Dogs Catching Treats
    Fotos Frei Schnauze by Christian Vieler

    4. I’m to old for these childish games

     Dog Catching Treats
    Fotos Frei Schnauze by Christian Vieler

    5. Always one that makes a drama out of everything

    Dog catching treats
    Fotos Frei Schnauze by Christian Vieler

    5. Remind me what I’m meant to do again

    Dogs catching treats
    Fotos Frei Schnauze by Christian Vieler


    You can find more of Christian Vieler’s work on his website, just click here.

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    Bionic Dog: You wont believe how lucky this dog is!

    Bionic Dog Dillon was spared from certain death in Ukraine by dog lover Lyn Johnstone.

    Dillon is at present the only dog in the UK to be fitted with four prosthetic limbs, therefore becoming a Bionic Dog.

    Dillon’s new owner Lyn Johnstone says she is incredibly proud of the way Dillon is adapting to his new legs.

    Lyn saved Dillon from Ukraine where he was abandoned in a rubbish dump with all four paws entwined with thin wire.

    Due to the extensive injuries, to spare his life, all of his damaged limbs had to be amputated.

    A rescue centre in Ukraine took Dillon in and started an appeal for help.

    Lyn stumbled across the appeal and decided to take Dillon in to her home to join her other rescue dogs.

    As a result Dillon now plays and runs with Lyns other dogs, like nothing has happened.

    “Dillon is now such a happy, healthy dog and a real snuggle monster.

    When Lyn first brought Dillon to Scotland, she was told by numerous vets that she should put him to sleep.

    Lyn couldn’t give up on him, especially after all he had been through and she had got him this far.

    Finally a vet in Aberdeen actually agreed to take Dillon and see what they could do.

    Some of the other vets reported her to the SSPCA saying that prolonging his life should be an animal cruelty case.

    At the vets, Scott Rigg agreed to treat Dillon and set to work on obtaining Dillons new legs.

    OrthoPets UK, who make animal prosthetic legs, were called in to help.

    After the legs were manufactured, checked and fitted Dillon wanted to run around straight away.

    Lyn spent around £8000 helping Dillon and doesn’t regret a single penny of it.

    Dillon was near to death in the dump in October 2015.

    Its believed that Dillon was a working dog who came to the end of his useful life.

    Consequently his owners tied his feet together and threw him away like a piece of rubbish.

    Dillon probably remained on the dump unable to move for probably about 1 – 2 weeks.

    A couple of weeks later when Lyn heard about Dillon on Facebook she just had to help.


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    Dog Crate Crash Test: Driving With Dogs Is More Dangerous Than You Probably Think

    dog crate crash test

    Dog Crate Crash Test: No responsible pet owner would ever think of putting their dogs life at Risk — we crash test kids car seats but what about dog crates.

    The Center for Pet Safety conducted a series of dog crate crash test’s to see how well a series of pet crates, carriers, seats and harnesses would keep dogs safe during vehicle collisions.

    Some of the results were pretty scary. Many of the products that claim to secure our furry friends actually offered little protection.

    The dog crate crash test study conducted by the CPS, used weighted dog dummies to simulate a real dog in the tests. No real dogs were harmed!

    Dog Carriers

    Dog Crate Crash Test
    Credit: Center for Pet Safety & The Dodo

    Various dog carriers that are said to be safe to travel in cars were tested.

    The test facility would simulate a 30mph front end crash and show the amount of protection it offers.

    For the carrier to be classed as safe it would need to keep the dog contained and the crate would need to remain in place.

    Only 2 carriers succeeded on containing the dog, the others either came free or couldnt contain the dog.

    Products tested:

    • PetBuckle Auto Kennel Restraint (Video)
    • Pet Ego Jet Set Forma Frame Carrier (Video) [TOP PERFORMER]
    • Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed (Video) [TOP PERFORMER]
    • Snoozer Roll Around Travel Dog Carrier Backpack 4-in-1 (Video)
    • Kurgo Wander Carrier (Video)
    • Pet Ego Pet Tube (Video)
    • Petmate Compass Dog Carrier (tested with PetBuckle Auto Kennel Restraint) (Video)
    • Vari Kennel Plastic Carrier (Video)

    The complete dog carrier crash test report is available here – results.

    Dog Crates

    Four crates are tested to see how the anchors and integrity of the structured coped with collisions.

    In order to pass this test the crate must not move enough to strike the the mock up of a rear seat bench.

    The anchoring straps must remain in place and remain and the crate stay structurally intact, again the dog must remain inside.

    Only 1 crate achieved this.

    Dog Crate Crash Test
    Credit: Center for Pet Safety & The Dodo

    Products tested:

    • 4Pets Proline Milan (Video)
    • MIM Safe Variocage Single (Video)
    • Gunner Kennel G1 Intermediate (Video) [TOP PERFORMER]
    • Roto Mold Ruff Tough Kennel (Video)

    The complete dog crate crash test report is available here –  results.

    Dog Seats

    Dog seat crash test
    Credit: Center for Pet Safety & The Dodo

    Four seats were test, the idea of these to to keep the dog secured to the cars seat, kind of like the idea of a child seat.

    This is the first time CPS have included ‘dog seats’ in any tests so they have no pass criteria.

    These dog seats are getting more and more popular especially with the smaller dog breeds.

    Although a pass criteria is not given for this test, none of these seats retained the animals and left all the dogs at high risk.

    The CPS have extreme concerns that these pet seats are available for consumers to buy.

    • PupSaver (Video)
    • Snoozer Lookout I Car Seat: Medium (Video)
    • PetSmart Top Paw Booster Seat (Private Label of Solvit Booster Seat) (Video)
    • Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat (Video)

    The complete dog seat crash test report is available here results.

    Dog Seat belt Harnesses

    Dog seatbelt harness crash test
    Credit: Center for Pet Safety & The Dodo

    The idea of seat belt harnesses is ensure the dog remains in the seat. A harness is put on the dog which then fastens to the cars seat belt.

    Sounds great, the dog just needs to remain in the seat to pass the test, but only one of the 8 tested actually managed to pass.

    • Sleepypod Clickit Utility ( Video) [TOP PERFORMER]
    • RC Pet Canine Friendly Crash Tested ( Video)
    • Klein Metal Allsafe ( Video)
    • Ruff Rider ( Video)
    • Bergan Car Harness ( Video)
    • Kurgo Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength ( Video)
    • IMMI PetBuckle ( Video)
    • Solvit Safety Harness ( Video)

    The complete dog seatbelt harness test report is available here results.

    What now

    All of these products are available to consumers to buy who may think they are buying a great safety device for their dog.

    Many of these products on the market haven’t actually received testing and there is no proof they are safe.

    It pays to research dog safety devices that have actually had approved testing.

    One typical crate available in the UK that passed tests is the Variocage available from Safedog.

    The top performing Sleepypod Carrier is available on amazon, its quite pricey but if you want to keep your pet safe

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    Two men who buried a dog with a nail hammered into its head alive thought it was ‘the right thing’ to do

    dog with a nail hammered in its head

    TWO men have admitted animal cruelty offences after a dog with a nail hammered into its head was found buried alive in woodlands .

    The RSPCA confirmed the dog, Scamp, was found by walkers in the Kirkleatham Woods last october.

    16 year old Scamp was found groaning in agony and pain in a shallow grave in the woods.

    Richard Finch, and Michael Heathcock both from Redcar admitted charges attributing to Scamps death, in Court on Wednesday.

    Heathcock has pleaded guilty to forcing a nail into Scamp’s tiny skull as well as failing to provide simple care and attention from a Vet for the dog.

    dog with a nail hammered in its head scamp
    Scamp was found by walkers at Kirkleatham Woods – EVENING GAZETTE
    The friend of Heathcock as also admitted to assisting in the disgusting act of cruelty.
    The prosecuting officer from the RSPCA warned the court that is was an extremely distressing case and probably the worst he had seen.
    It came to light in the court that it took around six hammer blows to drive the nail into Scamps skull.

    The disgusting pairs reasons….

    Both men, if they can be called that, told the police that that Scamp was deaf, blind and with use of his back legs and the both felt it was “the right thing to do”.

    Heathcock told officers because the dog was incontinent his house “had started to smell” and “something had to be done”.

    On 21st October the pair handed themselves in after the story hit facebook and national newspapers.

    Mr Ellwood said: “They decided to take the dog to Kirkleatham Woods and took a claw hammer and nail.

    They hatched the plot to kill Scamp in October to avoid paying the around £200 to have him put down.

    “They agreed Mr Heathcock will drive a nail into the dog’s skull.”

    Heathcock admitted to killing his pet of 16 years, while his friend Finch was on look out.

    It was claimed in court that they didnt intend to cause scamp any suffering.

    The case has been adjourned until March 1.

    Both men were granted bail.

    Back in October the residents held a memorial for Scamp showing not everyone is as disgusting as these two.

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    The French Bulldog Set To Overtake The Labrador As Britain’s Top Dog

    The French Bulldog

    The Labrador is soon to loose the top dog crown of Britain to The French Bulldog

    The French Bulldog, a breed favoured by many celebrities, is set to top the most popular dog charts in 2018.

    Its going to be the first time the Labrador Retriever has been knocked off the top spot for 27 years.

    The breed has seen an massive rise in recent years, with Kennel Club registrations increasing by 47% from 14,607 in 2015, to 21,470 in 2016.

    The total number of Kennel Club registrations for the French Bulldogs was only 670 during 2007.

    The Labrador has held the most popular dog breed since 1990 when it knocked the Yorkshire Terrier of the top spot.

    Cocker Spaniels will be the next to suffer the rise of The French Bulldog, with only 384 registrations keeping the Spaniel above The French Bulldog

    However, this rapid increase in French Bulldog registrations is causing concern to the Kennel Club. They feel that the breed as gain popularity because its become a celebrity fashion symbol.French Bulldog Puppies

    People are copying celebrities and buying French Bulldog puppies but not researching whether the dog will suit their lifestyle.

    The French Bulldog: An impending welfare crisis?

    Caroline Kisko from the Kennel Club warned “While the French Bulldog is a lovely breed, it is very unwise for anyone to buy one simply because they think it looks cute or is a fashionable choice.

    “Anyone doing so could inadvertently be contributing to an impending welfare crisis.

    “While it’s normal to want to show off your dog, when celebrities do it, it usually results in a surge in the popularity of certain breeds, which is not a good thing as it opens the doors to unscrupulous breeders who see it as an opportunity to breed lots of them without due care to health and welfare.”

    The UK’s largest dog welfare organisation is urging people to consider buying other similar breeds that may be better suited to their lifestyle and environment.

    These include the Miniature Schnauzer, Beagle, Border Terrier and Welsh Terrier.

    Details about The French Bulldog can be found here. Please do research on the breed before taking ownership of a new puppy.

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