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  • robot-dog

    Robot Dog | Is one coming to a home near you?

    Boston Dynamics,  has just revealed a robot dog creation call SpotMini that looks like a cross between a giraffe and a dog. It wont just replace your family pet but it can clean your house as well. We arent sure that cuddle times would be quite the same. SpotMini weighs in at around 30kg with […] More

  • Inupathy Smart Collar

    New “Smart” Collar to help understand your dogs emotions

    Do we really need it

    What is the Inupathy Smart Collar? There is a new doggy gadget coming to the market soon a dog collar that can actually inform you of your dog’s current mood and emotions. As humans its very difficult to really understand how your dog is feeling, we quite often think the dog is happy and having […] More

  • Fitbark Activity

    FitBark Dog Activity Monitor: Is your dog active enough

    Fitness trackers for pets might seem a bit far fetched, but an active lifestyle is every bit as healthy for your furry friends as it is for you. The £59.95 FitBark Dog Activity Monitor is a fitness tracker for dogs of all sizes that syncs with an app on your phone or computer to check in on your […] More