Christmas gifts for your dog heres 5 of the best in 2018

You’ve bought all the presents for the family and even your friends, but what about Christmas gifts for your dog.

Why not give your dog an extra special present this Christmas as a thank you for all that unconditional love they’ve given you this year.

From stylish food bowls to luxurious beds, you’ll make them bark with pleasure and wag their tails with this selection of gifts and presents below.

Fringe Studio Brush Spot ‘Best Dog Ever’ Dog Bowl

Fringe Dog Bowl

Every dog owner thinks that their dog is the best. But this great bowl from Fringe studio will ensure everybody knows who’s the best dog.

Made from 100% ceramic this bowl has a good weight to it to stop it being pushed around by the more enthusiastic hungry dog. Its dishwasher safe to so can be easily cleaned.

Trixie Dog Activity Flip Board 23 cm

Dogs are one of the most intelligent and inquisitive animals. Mental stimulation is probably as important for them as physical exercise. These Dog Activity strategy games will challenge your dog again and again making them work for their treats.

The game is made of robust plastic, its dishwasher safe and has non-slip rubber feet for a good hold. It comes in 3 different skill levels so you can really challenge your dog

PetFusion Ultimate Waterproof Memory Foam Dog Bed 

Tired of cheap pet beds that are difficult to clean, tear easily and don’t provide your pet the best comfort? The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed was designed to incorporate all these features while keeping an attractive, modern touch that blends in to your home.

The outer cover is removable so it can be washed when the time comes. Replacement covers are available at a reasonable price in the unlikely event that the cover becomes damaged.

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