Dog With A Huge Tongue Gets The Internets Photoshop Treatment

dog with a huge tongue

If anything is going to make you smile this Dog With A Huge Tongue is it

Once the internet community get involved the photoshop creativity starts and the images just get funnier and funnier.

Once Reddit user ilovetuckamer shared the image the Reddit community started photoshopping the dog with a huge tongue into funny pictures.

Check these out: the internet never fails.

First up is Giraffe-Dog

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Not sure its the right look for the leader of a biker gang

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Could this be the next Mona Lisa?

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Ostriched My tongue

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SSSSSeriously Sid

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Everybody say sausages for the camera

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Snoop Dogg

Really good boy.

Hakuna Matata what a wonderful tongue

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May the tongue be with you

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