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Green Lane Groomers: Dog Groomers In Andover

Green Lane Groomers

Green Lane Groomers: All About Convenience

Green Lane Groomers is a well equipped dog and cat groomer, based in a countryside farm in Upper Enham.
Emily holds a city and guilds level 3 qualification and is very experienced in dog and cat grooming.

In today’s dog grooming market, convenience and ease of use is as important as safety and skill. Emily has found this niche and targeted it by offering dog grooming services in a home-based setting. This trend is becoming very popular and people are keen to move away from the ‘mainstream’ places, in search of a trained and qualified professional with a personal service. Green Lane Groomers can offer a grooming experience for the dog that will be fun and relaxing.

Does my Dog need grooming?

Professional groomers like Emily are the first in line for preventative health care for your dog. At your dogs first appointment Emily will be able to look over your dog to check its OK for a grooming appointment. She will be able to identify any potential skin conditions, ear problems or mouth disorders. This early information will help prevent any further problems and let you know if your dog may require veterinary attention.

Green Lane Groomers

Regular visits, to Green Lane Groomers will ensure your dogs coat is in great condition and smells great.

Emily’s aim is to work with you and to provide regular grooming sessions for your dog. This will ensure your dog has great ongoing heath and well being.

For more information on Emily’s services please visit Green Lane Groomers facebook page.

Dogly’s own dog Lord Bentley has been to Emily and thoroughly enjoyed it. He even got a little smooch and doggy treats for behaving. (The smooch was after Emily had removed his  horrendous stench, which was probably for the best ?)

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Green Lane Farm, Green Lane, Upper Enham
Andover, Hampshire, SP116JB

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