Bionic Dog: You wont believe how lucky this dog is!

Bionic Dog Dillon was spared from certain death in Ukraine by dog lover Lyn Johnstone.

Dillon is at present the only dog in the UK to be fitted with four prosthetic limbs, therefore becoming a Bionic Dog.

Dillon’s new owner Lyn Johnstone says she is incredibly proud of the way Dillon is adapting to his new legs.

Lyn saved Dillon from Ukraine where he was abandoned in a rubbish dump with all four paws entwined with thin wire.

Due to the extensive injuries, to spare his life, all of his damaged limbs had to be amputated.

A rescue centre in Ukraine took Dillon in and started an appeal for help.

Lyn stumbled across the appeal and decided to take Dillon in to her home to join her other rescue dogs.

As a result Dillon now plays and runs with Lyns other dogs, like nothing has happened.

“Dillon is now such a happy, healthy dog and a real snuggle monster.

When Lyn first brought Dillon to Scotland, she was told by numerous vets that she should put him to sleep.

Lyn couldn’t give up on him, especially after all he had been through and she had got him this far.

Finally a vet in Aberdeen actually agreed to take Dillon and see what they could do.

Some of the other vets reported her to the SSPCA saying that prolonging his life should be an animal cruelty case.

At the vets, Scott Rigg agreed to treat Dillon and set to work on obtaining Dillons new legs.

OrthoPets UK, who make animal prosthetic legs, were called in to help.

After the legs were manufactured, checked and fitted Dillon wanted to run around straight away.

Lyn spent around £8000 helping Dillon and doesn’t regret a single penny of it.

Dillon was near to death in the dump in October 2015.

Its believed that Dillon was a working dog who came to the end of his useful life.

Consequently his owners tied his feet together and threw him away like a piece of rubbish.

Dillon probably remained on the dump unable to move for probably about 1 – 2 weeks.

A couple of weeks later when Lyn heard about Dillon on Facebook she just had to help.


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