Laboratory Dogs: Rescued from a horrible life in the lab

Laboratory dogs

These laboratory dogs have spent their lives in cages within test labs

But these seven beagles have been given a second chance on life in the UK.

The Beagle Freedom Project, an animal rescue organisation, have just secured the release of the beagles who were subjected to a life of misery in a laboratory in Hungary.
The beagles have been called the “Bond Beagles” as it it’s takes a huge amount of expertise and undercover work to get them out so they can live another day!

The released beagles, have been named after Bond characters: Daniel, Connery, Brosnan, Dalton, Dalton, George and Niven and will finally have the life they should have always had: love, toys, treats and a warm comfy home.

Laboratories don’t normally release their laboratory dogs for fear of public anger so it’s all kept hush hush. Sadly this ‘license to kill’ dogs is legal. The BFP works hard to convince the labs that these dogs deserve a second chance and could be loved by someone.

The laboratory dogs will have been living in cold metal cages and subjected to awful testing. They will have never received treats or love and have probably never seen the outdoor world.

Read more about the Beagle Freedom Project here

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