Tips To Make Sure Your Holiday Accommodation Is Dog-Friendly

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Turning your holiday accommodation into one that’s dog-friendly will earn you more cash as you can typically charge between £15 and £30 per pooch. British holidaymakers will certainly pay this as 83% say they feel guilty about leaving their dog behind when they go away. As a result, 6.3 million dogs typically go on a staycation with their owners each summer. So, if you want to transform your UK holiday accommodation into one that’s suitable for dogs, here’s what you need to do.

Lay durable flooring

A staycation is a perfect way for British holidaymakers and their hounds to explore a new part of the UK. But this does mean that accompanying dogs will get wet, dirty, and sandy. The last thing you want is for a cream carpet to be ruined. Dog-friendly flooring options to consider instead, include vinyl, tiles, or laminate. These are easy to clean and will last a considerable amount of time. Leave a mop and bucket in your accommodation for your guests and most will keep on top of any mess their pooch has made.

Prioritise comfort

It’s normal for dogs to sleep between 12 and 14 hours per day. An important thing to remember is that it’s common for dog owners to treat their pooches like children. This is why you should prioritize your canine guests’ comfort. Having dog beds in multiple sizes is recommended, but make sure they’re washed between guests. The sofa needs to be suitable for dogs. One made from microfiber will be durable, stain-resistant, and its colour won’t fade. However, it will attract pet hairs. Cotton and nylon sofas are also good materials to consider. 

Provide dog-friendly amenities

Make sure your holiday accommodation provides suitable amenities for both two-legged guests and four-legged ones. Including a dog ramp or pet steps in your accommodation will cater to pint-sized pooches, ageing hounds, and disabled dogs. This may be needed if the dog needs a bath, wants to sit on the sofa, or is heading out in the car. It’s also a nice touch to have hooks on the wall for leads. Having dog feeding bowls and water bowls stashed in the cupboard will help to make canine guests feel welcome. Plus, it’s one less thing for the dog’s owners to have to pack. You could even throw in a bag of doggy treats as a welcome present.

Remove all hazards

It’s nice to add a pot plant to your holiday accommodation to make the place feel like home. Always check that any plants inside and outside your holiday let are safe for dogs. Some toxic plants include Lilies, Ivy, Daffodils, and Poinsettia. Exposed wires can also be a problem, especially if young dogs who like to chew are coming to stay. A cable tidy is the most effective way to stop dogs gnawing on wires. They’ll keep your accommodation nice and tidy too.

British dog owners love holidaying with their hounds. So make sure you’re catering to their needs when preparing your holiday accommodation for the holiday season.

Article provided to dogly by Jennifer Gambon

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