Waterproof Dog Beds: Top-Rated Waterproof Dog Beds for Ultimate Comfort and Durability

best waterproof dog beds
Petfusion Ultimate Bed

Waterproof Dog beds

In the UK, keeping our dog’s warm and dry during winter is nearly as important as having a roof over our heads! To meet this challenge of fur-ocious weather, modern technologies have given us durable waterproof materials for dog beds.

Most importantly when shopping for one make sure it can withstand some wear and tear – not to mention pawsible rain showers – with tough fabric choices that won’t break your bank balance either. So give man’s best friend the ultimate gift; provide them their own cozy corner all year round in style – no matter what lies ahead!

Most important things to look for when I buy a new dog bed ?

  • Toughness of the materials

Dogs can certainly be very destructive. As a result, you will need a bed that wont be torn apart. Most importantly beds can come with a large price tag therefore you need to ensure that it will last.

  • Water resistance

Today’s Modern materials means todays waterproof dog beds are the best we have ever had. We have picked some of the best ones below.

  • Height off the floor

As dogs get older their legs certainly wont function as well as they used to. As a result they may struggle getting in and out of a low bed.

Some dog beds are on legs to enable older dogs to get in and out easier. In addition to this a raised bed will keep the dog away from draughts or cold floors

  • What size do i need?

The bed needs to fit you dog not too big or not too small. Beds or normally measured length and width. Next time your dog is curled up, to get an idea of the size bed they need, give them a measure.

The Best Waterproof Dog Beds

#1 – PetFusion Ultimate Solid 10cm Waterproof Dog Bed

The PetFusion dog bed is taking the dog bed market by storm. With almost 1,000 glowing reviews on Amazon and premium materials that are both waterproof and durable- this orthopaedic giant offers your furry friend comfortable support as well as convenience.

Machine washable covers make liquid messes a breeze to clean up while stain resistance keeps it looking pristine in any environment – from indoor living rooms all the way out into playtime mud pits!

Not only does its memory foam technology ease pressure off of joints but it also contours itself precisely to fit each pup’s unique body shape for an extra boost of custom comfort.


  • Removable cover is machine washable
  • Water resistant and tear resistant cover
  • Grippy Non-skid bottom to help on tiled floors
  • Solid 10 cm Memory Foam base for superior comfort
  • A 12 month warranty is provided for any part that is broken due to a manufacturing defect

PetFusion Ultimate Solid 10cm Waterproof Dog bed

#2 – Snoozezy® Elevated Orthopaedic Dog Bed

The Snoozezy dog bed design is primarily for dogs with arthritis and hip dysplasia. However, any dog will love to jump up onto the Snoozezy for a nap. The manufacturer carries out Over 10000 on the snoozezy bed, each with loads of over 80kgs continuously bouncing on the bed. This was to simulate a heavy dog jumping on and off over 10,000 times. The sturdy steel frame is coated to prevent rust which means it can be easily wiped clean or hosed down required.


  • It lifts your pet off the floor and allows air to circulate which helps them stay at a comfortable temperature.
  • Its more hygienic – The mat is breathable which prevents mould and mildew.
  • Provides firm, uniform support for all pets, not just those with arthritis and other joint problems.
  • Lightweight and portable and can be easily moved inside, outside or even taken on a camping trip.
  • They with a easy to carry bag too for easy storage or transport.
  • The dog wont be able to destroy The snoozezy bed as it contains no stuffing.
  • Wipe-able polyester cover.
  • The cover can be removed and washed if its gets very dirty.
  • Steel Frame suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Snoozezy® Orthopaedic Elevated Dog Bed

#3 – The Dog’s Bed, Premium Plush Orthopedic Memory Foam Waterproof Dog Beds

The Dog’s Bed by The Dog’s Balls offers a high-quality bed option for your pup that guarantees to be durable and long-lasting. With extra protection from its water resistant Oxford material, chemical agents, abrasions, you can trust it will last through any weather or wear. And while the price may put off some buyers when compared to other beds on this list – rest assured knowing you’ll get an excellent return of investment with this highly versatile product!

This bed is a dream for your furry companion! Not only does it provide the ultimate comfort with its dense, fluffy foam mattress and replaceable pillow filled with dacron – but also ensures safety thanks to its double-stitched design that makes it tough yet durable. This dog bed will be an excellent choice if you’re looking for something indestructible while providing maximum coziness – no wonder why this one of the highest rated on our review list!

The Dog’s Bed Water Resistant dog bed from The Dog’s Balls is an ideal choice for owners who are crate training or have a boarding kennel. Available in five stylish colours, biscuit, grey, black, brown and green – this waterproof bed with its signature square shape won’t be out of place no matter the decor! Not only that but it also provides supreme comfort to furry friends while being undeniably easy to clean thanks to wipe-clean surface and removable covers/pillow. While not the most affordable option on offer – you can guarantee quality when choosing this well loved product!


  • Excellent medical grade orthopaedic support for older dogs providing therapeutic comfort for arthritis pain, muscle stiffness, hip dysplasia, arthritis and aching joints.
  • Machine washable outer cover. With additional inner waterproof cover.
  • Premium grade, luxury memory foam, tested by experts to provide your dog with a mattress to compete with 5 star hotels 

The Dog’s Bed, Premium Plush Orthopedic Waterproof Memory Foam Dog Beds

The Dog’s Bed, Premium Plush Orthopedic Waterproof Memory Foam Dog bed - waterproof dog bed

#4 – P & L Superior Pet Beds Heavy Duty Oval Waterproof Softee Bed, Large  

The P&L Superior Heavy Duty and Waterproof bed is a top-tier dog haven that offers the ultimate in both comfort and waterproofing. Not only does it look luxurious, but this fashionable choice can protect your pup’s slumber from myriad liquids – making spills or accidents nothing to worry about! With some of the most raving reviews out there for canine cots, don’t miss out on giving your best friend an unbeatable restful retreat.

Keep your pup safe from the elements in this bed! Its thick removable cushion and tight stitching provide a cozy spot for snoozing year-round. The walls are lined with thermal polyester, to keep them comfy no matter what time of season it is – cool during summer and warm when winter arrives. And should they get muddy or wet? No problem: simply rinse away messes, sweep up any debris that may remain, then pop back on the removable base cushion: all tidy again!

With nine different colors to choose from, you’re sure to find a perfect fit for your home no matter the color palette. For homes that need just a bit more camouflage, our darker shades provide subtle yet stylish coverage of dirt and other imperfections. Medium, large or jumbo – pick one today!


  • Heavy duty cover made from polyester
  • Cover is waterproof & water repellent
  • Easy to keep clean and odour free.
  • High-quality fillings sourced from the UK
  • Durable and comfortable and made in the UK.
  • Comes in a range of sizes and colors

P & L Superior Pet Beds Heavy Duty Oval Waterproof Softee Bed, Large

#5 – BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

The BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed is a great option for medium or larger breeds. The large bed has a capacity to take a dog of over 45kg, so you won’t need to worry whether your dog will fit in it comfortably. The bed also features a non-slip rubber mat on the underside, which will help to prevent accidents for that over eager dog jumping into bed!


  • Suitable for dogs up to 45Kg
  • Washable Cover
  • Easy to keep clean and odour free.
  • Non slip bottom
  • Orthopedic foam mattress
  • Comes in two sizes
BarksBar Large Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed - waterproof dog beds
BarksBar Large Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

Who would want a water-resistant dog bed?

  1. Pet Owners Who Live in Humid Climates
    If you live in a humid climate, your dog is probably no stranger to wet and muddy conditions. Whether they’re playing in the rain or taking a swim on a hot day, their fur is bound to get wet. And when they come inside, they’re likely to track all that mud and water onto your floors. A water-resistant dog bed can help to keep your dog’s sleeping area clean and dry, even in the most humid conditions.
  2. Pet Owners Who Have Dogs with Allergies
    If your dog has allergies, you know that keeping their sleeping area clean is essential for preventing flare-ups. But even the most diligent pet owner can’t always prevent their dog from tracking in pollen or other allergens from outside. A water-resistant dog bed can create an additional barrier between your dog and potential allergens, helping to keep them safe and comfortable.
  3. Pet Owners Who Have Dogs That Shed
    If your dog sheds excessively, you know that it can be difficult to keep their fur under control. Vacuuming regularly can help to reduce the amount of fur that ends up on your furniture and floors, but it’s impossible to get rid of it all. A water-resistant dog bed can help to contain your dog’s shed fur, making it easier to keep your home clean.
  4. Pet Owners Who Have Dogs That Like to Chew Their Beds
    If your dog likes to chew on their bedding, you know that it can be a costly habit. Not only do you have to replace their bedding more frequently, but you also have to worry about them ingesting harmful materials. A water-resistant dog bed can help to protect your dog’s bedding from being chewed and destroyed, saving you money in the long run

Another option rather than dog beds are dog sofas

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