Aidiyapet Large Pet Heated Pad Self Heating Snooze Pad Pet Mat Bed for Pets Cats, Dogs and Kittens for Travel or Home (White)


Thermo-reflective core reflects your pets body heat onto them, keeps pet warm and comfortable without the use of electricity
Faux Sherpa liner keeps your pet cozy and comfy for hours of napping and relaxation
Non-slip base makes it great for use on tile, hardwood, concrete or other slippery surfaces

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Product Description

Keep your Pets Warm and Cosy during the Cold Winter months with the Self Heating Pet Bed
Super Heat Reflective Core Insulation delivers outstanding thermal performance
Soft and Comfortable Machine Washable Sheep Skin Style Fleece Cover
Completely Self Heating with No Batteries or Cables Needed
DIMENSIONS – L64cm x 45cm / L25″ x W18″ (approx.)