Self Heating Pet Blanket Pad Ideal for Cat/Dog Bed Medium


Your pets heat is reflected back onto the cover
No batteries needed
Washable outer fabric

Product Description

This is brand new Self Heating Pet Pads rug is uniquely designed to reflect your pets body heat back towards them, helping them keep warm when it gets cold especially good for arthritic pets. Self Heating Pet Pads rug can be used directly on the floor or placed inside a pet bed, can also be used outside or in the car. Self Heating Pet Pads rug has a heat reflective thermal insert that can be removed before machine washing, Also has has a rubber smart grip base to prevent it slipping.
Very soft, warm and cosy self heating pet bed
Super reflective core insulation with outstanding thermal performance.
Ideal for keeping your pets warm this Winter Size Approx 64 x 49cm
Soft washable Sheepskin Style Cover
Anti Slip Backing