Dreamies Cat Treats, Tasty Snacks with Tempting Chicken, 8 Pouches of 60 g

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Crunchy on the outside with an irresistible soft inside
Cat biscuits with vitamins and minerals and no artificial flavours
Only two calories in each shake the pouch and watch your cat come running

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Product Description

These dual textured cat treats are morsels of cat food, with a crunch and flavour that is irresistible to cats
Dreamies cat treat biscuits are deliciously crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside; your cat will enjoy the enticing taste of dual textured cat treats with beef, cheese, chicken or salmon
Just like a healthy meal, Dreamies cat biscuits contain vitamins and minerals and no artificial flavours, so you can feel confident rewarding your cat with Dreamies treats for cats
With only 2 kcal in every treat, these cat treats will keep your feline friend healthy and happy; delicious varieties such as beef, cheese, chicken and salmon will keep them keen and interested
Dreamies treats for cats are available in 7 deliciously tasty varieties: Chicken, beef, duck, salmon, cheese, turkey and tuna flavour