Brain Games For Dogs: Fun ways to build a strong bond with your dog and provide it with vital mental stimulation

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Manuals / Encyclopedias Brain Games For Dogs

Most dog owners would readily agree that It’s important to keep pets physically fit and well-exercised for them to enjoy a good quality of life . But how many also think about what s going on inside their dogs heads Bored dogs are notoriously prone to behavioural problems , such as exercise , barking , destructiveness and separation anxiety . As This fascinating book reveals , dogs also need mental stimulation to exercise their brains , boost their self confidence and strengthen The bond that they enjoy with their human families . Brain Games For Dogs is brilliantly conceived compendium of fun games , tricks and activities that you can enjoy with your dog that will help to stretch and challenge it mentally and allow it to enjoy a top quality workout for The mind . Illustrated throughout with newly commissioned colour studio photography Brain Games For Dogs emphasizes The pleasure of working together with a dog to tackle new challenges and of using The power to play to stimulate and unlock your dog s full mental potential .

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