Pedigree Tasty Bites Dog Treats Cheesy Nibbles Cheese and Beef 140g (Pack of 8)


Pedigree Cheesy Nibbles are a soft, tasty, daily treat for your dog, an optimum choice for training, rewarding or something to treat them with
When training your dog choose Pedigree for a small and delicious snack designed with adult dogs in mind, convenient to carry on the go due to their size and weight
Tasty Bites are low in fat and can be used to help support a balanced diet, treat your canine with a delicious snack for good behaviour


Product Description

Tantalisingly tasty bite-sized treats, Tasty Bites dog chews are great for big and small dogs. This dog chew is the perfect way to reward your dog; an ideal dog treat for training
Tasty Bites Pedigree treats are available in four delicious flavours: Cheesy Nibbles – savoury cheese and beef in a small and soft treat that are ideal for training or simply enjoying at any time
Crunchy Pockets – delightfully crispy treats with a delicious centre, perfect for enjoying at any time
Chewy Cubes with Chicken or Beef – mouth-watering bite-sized chunks that are perfect for enjoying at any time
Chewy Slices with Beef – delicious treats with a delightfully chewy texture, perfect for enjoying at any time! A variety of dog treats to keep your dog keen