DogFresh Oatmeal Skin & Coat Spray Cleanses & Detangles, Soothes Skin Irritations that Cause Excessive Licking, Chewing & Scratching, Moisturises & Rejuvenates, Neutralises Odours & Removes Dander

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CONDITIONING, CLEANSING, NO RINSE SPRAY for use between baths. Also freshens dog bedding
REMOVES DANDER, calms hot spots, eczema and itching leaving a silky, healthy fur. Lightly scented
GENTLE, NON TOXIC ingredients safe for sensitive skin even on puppies and other small fury animals

Product Description

As they say, you should spend 20 minutes with nature every day unless you’re busy then spend an hour. What better way to do it than with your amazing, loving pooch.

But when your precious friend struggles with skin irritations due to allergies and bites, it really can take the joy out of your adventures in nature.

But excitement is tugging at your heart, because today is the day!

Today the little brown box with the smiley face arrives and you can’t wait to rip it open, because within it is the little bottle of hope. The bottle of care that will re-ignite your appetite for outdoor adventures.

You’ve done your research well, and you know that the ingredients are vet approved, well known and recognised for relieving skin irritations caused by skin problems, allergies and bites. This is the first step.

You’re very confident that day after day the added vitamins, aloe, coconut oil and kiwi will improve hair and skin, restoring moisture and lustre. Finally you are only a few days away from watching the emergence of the sweet, bubbly diva dog.

It’s true that you’ve not used this product before, but with the outrageous ‘better than best’ money back guarantee what’s to lose?

In fact, you’re so chuffed that you’re considering buying some for your friends’ pets – you know the product is safe for long-term use even puppies and other small animals.

Time to click the orange ‘add to cart’ button.

CONDITIONING, CLEANSING, NO-RINSE SHAMPOO SPRAY all the benefits of a bath, without the hassle
REMOVES DANDER, rejuvenates & hydrates the skin on paws, pads and other sensitive patches
BAKING SODA & OATMEAL reduces need for licking & chewing of irritated areas, gives skin chance to heal
GENTLE ingredients safe for sensitive skin even on puppies & other small fury animals
ALL NATURAL Soap & detergent free, won’t strip coat or irritate eyes. Can use with flea treatments