collar dog bag for Tracker 51x41x15


Product Description

High-quality, compact and durable collar bag by Perfect fit for GPS Tracker 51x41x15mm. Material: Velcro fastener: 100% nylon (with high closing and opening cycle), velcro and velcro ultrasonically cut, inside: soft, flexible PVC (polyvinyl chloride) – transparent film made of PVC resin: UV-resistant (1000-hourly test) , antifouling, dirt repellent, water repellent, waterproof, temperature resistant, high breaking strength. This keeps the leather stable and in shape. Side label “PHONE inside!” and inside pocket for address, phone number and dog tag. With address box. Nappa leather free of pollutants according to German laws. Overall size: 163mmx53mm. Back with additional, flat buckle! ATTENTION: Color sky blue, orange and teal only available at short notice!