Cat GPS tracker – Weenect | #1 in Europe | GPS live tracking | No distance limit | Most compact model on the market


NO DISTANCE LIMIT – The GPS tracker operates without a distance limit. You can follow your cat from your phone (iPhone and Android) wherever they are in the world (more than 100 countries covered)
REAL TIME GPS TRACKING – The GPS tracker sends its position continuously: a position every minute while moving, every 5 minutes when stood still. Unlimited locations
TRAINING – Ring your cat’s tracker with every meal. They will associate both events, therefore a ring will be enough to make them come home

Product description

No Distance limit – The weenect 2 cat Tracker works without distance limit. You follow your cat from your phone (iPhone and Android) wherever it may be in the world (+ 100 countries covered).
GPS tracking in real time – the tag sends its position at all times: up to a position every 10 seconds. The location is limitless.
Dressage – Take your cat’s a Tracker at every meal. It will both events. Therefore a bell will be enough to do so to come home.
Battery, The battery lasts between 2 to 4 days in everyday use (may depend on the time spent on the move, the strength of the GPS signal and network 2G). It can be charged in 2 hours.
Subscription – The GPS Tracker is fitted with a SIM card (supplied). It therefore requires a subscription to cover the cost of service – from £ 3.50 per month.