Weenect Dogs 2 – The smallest GPS tracker for dogs in the world


No limit: the GPS tracker works without a distance limit. You can follow your dog with your smartphone (iPhone and Android devices) wherever it is (more than 100 countries worldwide)
GPS location in real time: the GPS tracker continuously sends its position: one position per minute in motion phases, every 5 minutes at standstill. Unlimited positions
TRAINING: Let the tracker of your dog ring every time you eat. He will link both events together and one bell will be enough to get home

Product Description

NO DISTANCE LIMIT – The GPS tracker operates without a distance limit. You can follow your dog from your phone (iPhone and Android) wherever they are in the world (more than 100 countries covered)
REAL TIME GPS TRACKING – The GPS tracker sends its position continuously: a position every minute while moving, every 5 minutes when stood still. Unlimited locations
TRAINING – Ring your dog’s tracker with every meal. They will associate both events, therefore a ring will be enough to make them come home
BATTERY – The battery lasts between 2 to 4 days in daily use (this may depend on the time spent in motion, the strength of the GPS signal and the 2G network). It is fully charged in 2 hours
SUBSCRIPTION – The GPS tracker is equipped with a SIM card (supplied). It therefore requires a subscription to cover the service charge – from €3.50 per month (for a 2-year prepaid subscription)