Bow Wow Meow Smart Tag with QR Code & NFC Chip for lost pets


Includes a strong stainless steel 17mm split ring, FREE eZeClip and FREE POSTAGE, with dispatch by first class post within 24 hours
Lightweight pet tag with epoxy protection, enabled with NFC chip and QR Code so the tag can be tapped or scanned with any smart phone, providing your shared information and can also send an email with the GPS location of your pet
Immediate Replacement Guarantee for 12 months if the tag breaks with normal use

Product Description

Retreive My Pet Smart Tags: The smart and easy way to help reunite you with your pet faster!

If your pet gets lost, the finder can either tap or scan the tag with their smartphone (or enter the code on the website), giving them access to any information that you choose to share with them. Include anything that you feel will help get your pet home faster, or to help the finder tend to any of your pet’s needs in the meantime.

Additionally, you can choose to receive an alert showing the GPS location of your Smart Tag when it’s scanned!

While an engraved ID tag is important (and a legal requirement in the UK), the Smart Tag promises extra protection for your pet, wherever in the world you may be. There is no monthly membership fee or any other hidden costs and you can update your pet’s profile as much as you like for free.

Your Smart Tag will come with a strong, stainless steel split ring and a free eZeClip for easy attachment and removal. Choose from a range of colours and sizes to suit all pets. We offer a durable nickel model with an epoxy coating for protection and a lightweight PVC tag ideal for cats!

How does the Smart Tag work?

A QR code is printed on the back of the tag which can be scanned with any barcode reader from any smartphone. An NFC chip is embedded inside the tag allowing contactless access with the website address also printed on tag which can be accessed from any computer or phone.

Your profile can include:

  • Additional contact details of friends, neighbours and family, holiday homes and vets.
  • Microchip and insurance details.
  • Dietary requirements.
  • Medical and behavioural information.
  • And more…

SMARTER THAN YOUR AVERAGE TAG. With a strong stainless steel split ring, these durable tags are embedded with an NFC chip and printed with a QR Code so they can be tapped or scanned with a smartphone, providing the finder with instant access to any information shared in your online profile.
PASSIVE GPS LOCATION WITH E-MAIL ALERTS. Get the general location of your pet once his (or her) tag has been scanned, e-mailed directly to your inbox. This feature makes these tags a great value alternative to expensive GPS trackers and subscription services.
MORE INFORMATION THAN AN ENGRAVED TAG. Store multiple contact numbers, addresses (e.g. home, vet), dietary and medical information about your pet, and any behavioural concerns. Use a smart tag in combination with an engraved tag to give your pet the best change at getting home safe and sound.
Measuring 25x28mm, your tag will include a FREE eZeCLIP for convenience when attaching and removing from your pets collar.
We pride ourselves on our service and the quality of our products. So please enjoy our FREE AND FAST DELIVERY SERVICE and PRODUCT GUARANTEE! Our Smart Tags are guaranteed for 12 months against breakage. Simply let us know and we’ll take it from there.