18 dogs going for gold at the olympics

So who said Olympics is just for humans, some of these dogs look like they could be Olympic champions too.

Take a look at these future Olympic champion dogs, surely some of these deserve a gold medal.

1. Always make sure you have a training buddy

2. The is this the Usain Bolt or the Mo Farah of the doggy running world

3. The multiple uses for a dogs wagging tail – who would have thought they could do this though!

4. This doggy wants to be the next Tiger Woods but not she he has the hang of the game yet.

5. A candidate for the canoe competition just got to work on not getting distracted by balls.

6. The sailing championship, this sea dog is mastering the art of steering the boat through the seas to victory.

7. You could never accuse a dog of cheating at the diving competition.

8. Once you have mastered the sport its time to show of to the cameras

9. The potential winner of the surfing championship

10. Tom Daley has nothing on this little chap, think he needs to work on his angle of entry.

11. When the fame hits, you need the glasses to protect from the paparazzi

12. here’s a perfect example of one getting it wrong, not sure he will make it to the winter Olympics.

13. The endurance racer requires power, speed and stamina this guy is smashing the training.

14. This tug of war contenders are practicing but they are going to need something a bit tougher.

15. The boxer breed, are perfect for the boxing competition


16. Is Frisbee finally going to make an appearance in the olympics

17 . The ultimate anti distraction training, keep your eye on the ball.

18. After years of training, you have to make sure you reach peak performance on the day.

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