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  • Dog Advent Calendar

    Dog Advent Calendar – Best Advent Calendars for Dogs

    Get a great dog advent calendar your perfect pup will love. In recent years advent calendars have moved on a long way since the days of getting a thin piece of weird tasting chocolate. You can get beauty advent calendars, beer advent calendars even lego advent calendars but why should your dog miss out. Check […] More

  • Christmas gifts for your dog heres 5 of the best in 2018

    You’ve bought all the presents for the family and even your friends, but what about Christmas gifts for your dog. Why not give your dog an extra special present this Christmas as a thank you for all that unconditional love they’ve given you this year. From stylish food bowls to luxurious beds, you’ll make them bark with pleasure […] More

  • Terrifying Puppies Attack Sainsburys Delivery Driver

    It was a routine delivery for this Sainsburys delivery driver untill he was mobbed by a pack of terrifying puppies The footage of the puppies was posted to the Sainsbury’s Facebook page, and it quickly went viral and has now been viewed over 1million times. Jon Ashe, the owner of the puppies, posted the video of […] More

  • dog with a huge tongue

    Dog With A Huge Tongue Gets The Internets Photoshop Treatment

    If anything is going to make you smile this Dog With A Huge Tongue is it Once the internet community get involved the photoshop creativity starts and the images just get funnier and funnier. Once Reddit user ilovetuckamer shared the image the Reddit community started photoshopping the dog with a huge tongue into funny pictures. Check these out: the […] More

  • Dog Catching Treats

    These Dogs Catching Treats Will Make Your Day

    Dogs Catching Treats in Pictures Most dog owners know the fun involved with taking photos of their dogs. There are some situations that can be tricky unless you are a top photographer. German photographer Christian Vieler loves to capture the images of dogs we wouldn’t have a chance of getting. Christian has captured Dogs Catching Treats […] More

  • Green Puppy

    Mint Chocolate Labrador: Dog Gives Birth To Green Puppy

    A Green Puppy! A dog owner has received a bit of a shock after her Chocolate Labrador gave birth to a green puppy. Milly the Labrador had 1 girl and 4 male puppies in her first litter. The puppies gender wasn’t the only difference in these puppies because the single female puppy was in fact green! […] More

  • balancing-dog

    Balancing Dog: A dog that can balance almost anything on his head

    A dog from Ireland has become one of the latest dogs to become an instagram celebrity. This is mainly due to his strange but impressive skill of being a balancing dog. Paul Lavery and Jennifer Scott who are Harleys owners first discovered his balancing dog talent by accident. While having a bit of fun one […] More

  • guilty-dog

    Guilty Dogs Trying Their Best To Not Look Guilty

    Guilty Dogs Most dogs can be a little mischievous, and some are excellent at hiding the truth when they are questioned, However these little guilty dogs have not perfected the art of not looking guilty. Everyone of these dogs are guilty and they cant hide it. The only way they can avoid getting told off […] More

  • dogs-of-instragram

    Dogs of instagram: Have a look at some instagrams top dogs

    Dogs of instagram Check out these top dogs of instagram and see what they get up to during their doggy days out. Maybe even follow them. Toby the Chow Chow (@tobypuff) Sid the Beagle (@myregalbeagle) Just doin a nap with my Pizza Roll Pizza. Because it's National Pizza Day, and I get hungry after naps. […] More

  • 18 dogs going for gold at the olympics

    So who said Olympics is just for humans, some of these dogs look like they could be Olympic champions too. Take a look at these future Olympic champion dogs, surely some of these deserve a gold medal. 1. Always make sure you have a training buddy 2. The is this the Usain Bolt or the Mo […] More

  • 20 Amazing Facts About Dogs That Will Make You Smile

    Dogs may be a humans best friend , but there’s a whole lot more to them. here’s a list of some amazing facts about dogs that will put a smile on your face. Here you go, here are the best facts about dogs to brighten your day: 1. Your scent can help ease your dog’s […] More

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