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  • joyelf dog bed

    Joyelf Dog Bed: A Comfortable and Durable Solution for Your Furry Friend

    Are you tired of constantly buying new dog beds for your furry friend only to have them fall apart after just a few weeks of use? Dogly are introducing you to the Joyelf Dog bed an amazing inexpensive investment for your favourite doggy friend. It will look great in the house and your dog will […] More

  • Everything you need to know about Dog Insurance

    We’ve seen a surge in dog ownership since the pandemic began, with the BBC reporting that 3.2 million households introduced a new pet into their home since the start of the pandemic. As exciting as this can be, many may not have considered just how expensive looking after a canine companion can be. That’s why […] More

  • dog in bath

    5 Tips to get Your Dog to Enjoy Bath Time Some

    Some dogs take to water and bath time like a duck and love splashing around getting pampered and clean. Other dogs absolutely hate bath time and can make your life hectic trying to get them bathed. If you have a dog similar to the latter type, here are 5 tips to get your dog ready […] More

  • valentines chocolate dangerous to dogs

    Deadly Valentine’s Day Warning to dog owners.

    Vets Now, a pet emergency service for the UK, is warning dog owners to be extra careful this Valentines Day. The most popular gifts at this time are chocolates and flowers. These can have serious consequences for dogs and in extreme cases can prove deadly. The UK spends around £1 billion on valentines day gifts […] More

  • Doggy Paddle Norwich

    Doggy Paddle Norwich: Indoor Dog Swimming Pool in Norwich

    Indoor Dog Swimming is now a thing! Does your dog dream of swimming all the time and even in the cold of winter? Maybe your doggy friend is nervous about water or maybe never even encountered it. Doggy Paddle Norwich could be the place for you. Now that the UK winter is approaching perhaps outdoor […] More

  • dog prams

    Dog Prams: The Best Dog Pushchairs for 2020

    Dog prams are pushchairs for pets that have mobility issues preventing them from getting out and about? Dog Prams can be particularly useful if your dog has mobility issues from old age or injuries. They quite often come sold with various names like dog buggies, dog pushchairs, or dog strollers but are essentially the same […] More

  • Coronavirus Sniffer Dog

    Coronavirus Sniffer Dogs NHS Trial If Dogs Can Detect COVID-19

    The NHS superstars are due to undergo a slightly strange way of testing for COVID-19. By letting Coronavirus Sniffer Dogs smell their stinky socks and clothes! NHS workers in London have signed up to the test to determine if Coronavirus Sniffer Dogs can sniff out Covid-19. (Doglys own dog Bentley can certainly sniff out a […] More

  • Dog Anxiety and Stress

    Dog Anxiety: Tips To Reduce Anxiety And Stress In Your Dog

    What is Dog Anxiety and how can it be eased? We often have times where things can become overwhelming and situations leave us feeling stressed. Although, have you ever thought that your furry friend may also be feeling uneasy and stressed at the same time? As many of us have spent numerous months inside our […] More

  • How to brush a dog's teeth

    How to brush a dog’s teeth? Cleaning your dogs teeth

    petsathome How to brush a dog’s teeth, maybe something you have never thought to do or needed to do. But have you ever experienced the whiff of “dogbreath” during a snuggle with your dog. In some cases this can be a periodontal disease and just as it can in humans it can cause bad breath […] More

  • Best Dog Coats

    Best Dog Coats: The Best Dog Coats for 2019/2020

    Choosing the Best Dog Coats Best Dog Coats: There are so many options out there, so here’s a list of some Dog Coats that will keep your dog warm this winter. Warmth isn’t the only thing we look at but the waterproofing, and comfort – to ensure the dog has full range of motion while […] More

  • Kelly's K9s

    Kelly’s K9s: Andovers Top Dog Walking Service

    Andover Dog Walking Service Kelly’s K9s was setup in Andover in 2017 by Kelly McKimm. After working in a local boarding kennel for 11 years she thought it was time to go it alone. Throughout Kellys time at the kennels the variety of dogs that have passed through her care is extensive. Kelly has gained […] More

  • piqapoo

    Piqapoo: £22 device to catch your dogs poop!

    Would You Buy One?

    Piqapoo – Bags your dog’s poo so you don’t have to If you’re a good dog owner you will know that at some point on your walk you are going to have to Piqapoo! These days could soon be coming to an end thanks to a crazy gadget from a new start up company Piqapoo […] More

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