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  • slow feeding bowl review

    Slow Feeding Dog Bowl: The Best Slow feeder dog bowls 2020

    Is your dog a bit of a greedy guts and inhales food at warp speed. Then a slow feeding dog bowl is going to be a valuable purchase. Slow feeding bowls are a safe and effective way of slowing them down! A slow feeder dog bowl works by restricting the amount of food a dog can […] More

  • How to brush a dog's teeth

    How to brush a dog’s teeth

    How to brush a dog’s teeth, maybe something you have never thought to do or needed to do. But have you ever experienced the whiff of “dogbreath” during a snuggle with your dog. In some cases this can be a periodontal disease and just as it can in humans it can cause bad breath or […] More

  • Best Dog Coats

    Best Dog Coats: The Best Dog Coats for 2019/2020

    Choosing the Best Dog Coats Best Dog Coats: There are so many options out there, so here’s a list of some Dog Coats that will keep your dog warm this winter. Warmth isn’t the only thing we look at but the waterproofing, and comfort – to ensure the dog has full range of motion while […] More

  • Kelly's K9s

    Kelly’s K9s: Andovers New Dog Walking Service

    Andovers New Dog Walking Service Kelly’s K9s was setup in Andover in 2017 by Kelly McKimm. After working in a local boarding kennel for 11 years she thought it was time to go it alone. Throughout Kellys time at the kennels the variety of dogs that have passed through her care is extensive. Kelly has […] More

  • piqapoo

    Piqapoo: £22 device to catch your dogs poop!

    Would You Buy One?

    Piqapoo – Bags your dog’s poo so you don’t have to If you’re a good dog owner you will know that at some point on your walk you are going to have to Piqapoo! These days could soon be coming to an end thanks to a crazy gadget from a new start up company Piqapoo […] More

  • xylitol-peanut-butter-kills-dog

    Xylitol Poisoning In Dogs: The Hidden Killer

    What is xylitol? Xylitol is a substitute for sugar that is extremely toxic to dogs. Just a small amount can be enough to kill a dog. Xylitol can be used in toothpaste, mouthwash, sugar-free sweets and even peanut butter. Its worth checking any products that say “sugar free” or “no added sugar” as these often […] More

  • Green Lane Groomers

    Green Lane Groomers: New Dog Groomers In Andover

    It’s safe to say the summer is probably over. The dark cold nights mean digging out the wellingtons and woolly jumpers, and of course the mucky dog. One person not to shy away from ‘mucky dogs’ is Emily Aylett, from Andover, who has recently launched her new dog grooming salon Green Lane Groomers. Green Lane Groomers: […] More

  • canine obesity

    Canine Obesity: UK To Have Fattest Dogs In The World

    A Canine Obesity expert says that if the problem continues, as many as 1 in 20 dogs will be overweight within 10 years. A high percentage of dogs are affected by canine obesity that they are unable play and run for a few minutes. This will put them at a higher risk of developing canine diabetes, heart disease and even strokes or […] More

  • The French Bulldog

    The French Bulldog Set To Overtake The Labrador As Britain’s Top Dog

    The Labrador is soon to loose the top dog crown of Britain to The French Bulldog The French Bulldog, a breed favoured by many celebrities, is set to top the most popular dog charts in 2018. Its going to be the first time the Labrador Retriever has been knocked off the top spot for 27 years. The breed […] More

  • Kids Might Prefer their Pets To Their Siblings

    Kids Might Prefer Their Pets To Their Siblings: Cambridge Study

    Kids might prefer their pets to their siblings because they get more satisfaction out of their relationships with their pets than they do with their actual siblings. Are your kids constantly wearing you down It could be time to get a dog because kids might just prefer their pets to their siblings. A recent study […] More

  • Green Puppy

    Mint Chocolate Labrador: Dog Gives Birth To Green Puppy

    A Green Puppy! A dog owner has received a bit of a shock after her Chocolate Labrador gave birth to a green puppy. Milly the Labrador had 1 girl and 4 male puppies in her first litter. The puppies gender wasn’t the only difference in these puppies because the single female puppy was in fact green! […] More

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