Dog Anxiety: Tips To Reduce Anxiety And Stress In Your Dog

Dog Anxiety and Stress

What is Dog Anxiety and how can it be eased?

We often have times where things can become overwhelming and situations leave us feeling stressed. Although, have you ever thought that your furry friend may also be feeling uneasy and stressed at the same time? As many of us have spent numerous months inside our homes and spending a lot more time with our dogs, the idea of you suddenly being back in the office full time, may leave your dog feeling worried and develop anxiety. 

To help you spot anxiety and stress within your dog, look for indicators in a change of behavior such as:

  • Constant barking
  • Shaking
  • Chewing furniture
  • Change in dietary habits
  • Panting (heavy breathing in normal temperatures)

Once you recognise the signs you can begin to help your dog overcome their anxiety just continue reading.

Take your dog for regular exercise

Dogs need regular exercise, taking them for a walk before you leave the house and also once you return will leave them feeling calm and happy. Try taking your dog for a longer walk, as this will leave them feeling tired and allow them to relax once they get home. 

Make sure they have a safe space

Having a safe quiet place your dog can retreat to is important, they will feel safe and comfortable in this area and you should try to leave them alone once they are in it. Make a cosy retreat by having blankets or pillows within their dog bed, possibly inside a crate if your dog feels comfortable inside one. 

Trial being apart for long periods of time 

Before you return back to work full time, trial leaving your dog on its own, each time for a longer period of time. This will help to ease them back into you being out of the house for 7 or more hours a day. Remain calm and don’t alter your voice when you return home, this will help them into thinking nothing has happened.

Keep your dog occupied 

It is important to leave your dog with safe toys and chew toys, this will keep them occupied and the time you are out will pass quicker for them. Puzzle toys are also a great way of stimulating your dog’s mind and including treats as a prize!

Following these tips should help deal with your furry friends’ stress levels and leave them feeling relaxed when you’re not in the house.

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