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Dog Hypnosis: The latest pet trend which sees dogs hypnotised

Hypnotise a dog

Training a dog can be a long, difficult and extremely frustrating. But some owners have been turning to something that seems crazy: hypnosis.

Naughty pets are being hypnotised by a dog whisperer, and once under hypnosis are said to respond to commands to reduce their naughty behaviour.

Mary Burgess, used to hypnoses humans to quit smoking or lose weight, now who charges £60 an hour for her services to dogs.

The president of the British Veterinary Association, is more dubious and says there is no clear scientific evidence for dog hypnotherapy.

Samantha Norman took her Jack Russell cross to hypnotherapy session and said that it worked despite be not sure it would work before attending. Her dog was containable and called her ‘the most badly behaved dog in West London’

The video below shows Mary conducting hypnosis on Samanthas dog

via | Daily Mail

Mary, said hypnotherapy can also be used to help with dogs who become stressed and constantly bark when their owners leave the house.

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