10 Top Tips for Dealing with Fireworks

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Fireworks night and the days running up to it and after it, can cause lots of stress to our pets; many of us find it upsetting and emotional and have no idea what to do. Here are a few tips to try and make it less stressful for you and your pets

What preparation you can do before bonfire night arrives….


Provide a comfy den for your pet that they can hide in and feel safe. Provide lots of blankets, cushions etc and fill a box or crate so they have a comfy hide hole to make them feel safe from the fireworks. This can be done before bonfire night so they can get used to it and consider it a safe place. (if you do use a crate don’t lock/ shut the door as this means your pet could feel trapped)


This one isn’t so much for the pets stress but could save you a lot of stress. Ensure your pet is wearing an ID tag and the details are up to date. It has been known for spooked pets to run away if they are scared. You should have a mobile number, postcode, house number and state if the animal is microchipped.



You could try herbal remedies like rescue remedy, valerian & skullcap or a few drops of lavender oil for dogs onto the bedding.


If you know that your dog is scared of fireworks it can be beneficial to walk them in the day and get them really tired. This could make them a bit more relaxed in the evening if they are naturally worn out and tired


A tight t shirt can help some dogs stress levels because it creates a tight fitting snugness and gives them a feeling that can help calm them down. There are purpose made stress coats for dogs called thundershirts available from lots of online retailers. These do the same as a tight t shirt but are probably a better fit.

When the noise and bangs arrive….


Calm relaxing music can be put on, probably a bit louder than normal but obviously not really loud.

There are purpose made CD’s for cats and dogs with an aim to provide relaxing music for you pets.


If your dog is stressed don’t over cuddle unless it would normally like to be cuddled as it could add to its anxiety if it thinks you are also doing something out of the ordinary.


It could help your dog if you provide a new tasty chew like a meaty bone or a pizzle stick. There are some great natural chews here from Nutriment that any dog will love.

Beef liver chews from nutriment
Beef liver chews from nutriment


Your pet may well be behaving differently or could even do something that you would normally think is naughty – remember they are stressed and you must never tell them off, they will be anxious and scared and will be looking for comforting actions.


This one links with number 2 regarding the ID tags. Ensure your doors, gates and windows are kept shut in case you pet decides to run away out of fear. Some pets can get so scared the ‘take flight’ action kicks in and they will try to escape the noise. This highlights the need for the ID tag, which pets should have all year round anyway.



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