Does your house smell of dogs?

Your dog is like a member of your family. However, dogs can make your house have a ‘dog smell’ even if you cant smell it. Your guests probably can!!

People nowadays love to cuddle with their pets. The days of the doggy companion living outside and only being used as a working companion are long gone. Now dogs not only cuddle us, play with us, snuggle on the sofa with us, go on holiday with us and some even go to bed with us!

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This human & doggy time means that our house and furniture is going to grab the distinct smell of your dog. Its unlikely that the dog owner will be able smell it until it gets really pongy (probably to the level that the dog thinks is wonderful). Guests that you have round to dinner will definitely be able to smell it especially if they arent dog owners themselves.

What can be done?

One option that is becoming more and more popular is the range of wax warmers & oil diffusers from Scentsy. The great thing with these warmers & diffusers is they are wickless so there is no flame, soot or smoke and no chance of fire from a naked flame like there would be with a traditional candle warmer. Scentsy Dog Warmer

The Scensty warmers use a low wattage bulb or heating element to melt the wax, this low temperature ensures that should a dog knock it over it will not be hot enough to burn. Scentsy uses food grade petroleum wax so if your dog decides to eat it there will not be any risk to the dog. It is obviously not recommended to feed it to the dog but accidents do happen.

There is a wide range of diffusers and warmers available infact so many theres probably a design to suit everyones taste and one for every room. There are over 80 different scents to chose from, with everyone capable of disguising your doggys smell. Each scent bar is made up of 8 blocks and each block will last for up to 20 hours so thats a total of 160 hours fragrance.

This definitley gets a thumbs up from dogly on a safe clean way to combat a smelly dog. Obviously using ths will not make your dog smell better so the inevitable bath time will still be required!!

Also if your car stinks like wet dog there are scents for car available here



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