Balancing Dog: A dog that can balance almost anything on his head

Balancing Dog. (Picture: Justin Kernoghann)

A dog from Ireland has become one of the latest dogs to become an instagram celebrity. This is mainly due to his strange but impressive skill of being a balancing dog.

Paul Lavery and Jennifer Scott who are Harleys owners first discovered his balancing dog talent by accident. While having a bit of fun one day they balanced something on his head and consequently realised his amazing skill.

“It all started as a joke with a toy chicken, we set the toy on his head and he stood there not moving for about two minutes.”

As long as there is a treat involved Harley will balance almost anything on his head, within reason.

His celebrity status on instagram comes in the form or 5000 followers while having thousands more on Twitter.

Pudsey Bear.

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A load of crisps.

The list goes on with more objects as a result objects including a whoopie cushion, rubber ducks and telephones.

As a result of his skill lots of fans from across the globe now send Harley objects to balance on his head. They even send in photos of their own pets trying to keep objects on their heads, while they are impressive none can match the skills of Harley.

Harleys owners are now trying to get him into the Guinness Book of World Records for balancing the most dog treats on a dog’s head.

Good luck Harley

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