Dogs in UK will have £10.6m spent on them in 2017!

Cost of dogs

There are around 8.5million pet dogs in the UK and Britons spend around £10.6 billion on there pets each year. So what’s the real cost of dogs?

The average UK dog owner splashes out in the region of £1,252 each year on their beloved dogs.

Food and vets bills top the list, but more and more owners are pampering their dogs even with things like Pilates for dogs called ‘Pawlates’.

American Express conducted a study which shows that the doggy care market is growing rapidly and is meaning small dog pampering businesses are springing up all over the country.

1,000 dog owners took a survey and the results revealed that 60% of them use small independent retailers when shopping for their dogs.

Over 25% were revealed to spend more money on their dogs than they did around five years ago.

The survey showed that owners spent roughly £393 each year on dog food – the biggest single cost.

Dog Insurance was also a large chunk averaging around £243 and vets bill and medicines coming in around £73 a year.

The remaining £541 spent on average per dog went on professional grooming, toys, clothing and accessories.

Average amount spent on Dogs:

Toys and Treats – £183.96
Grooming – £177.84
Exercise – dog walkers £122.16
Accommodation – kennels or day care £31.17
Clothing/Accessories and bedding £26.33

Over a third of dog owners will get their dog a cake to celebrate the birthday!

The survey was carried out by American Express before the Small Business Saturday on 3rd December.

Vice President of Marketing at American Express, Alice Noone, said: “As a champion of small businesses we recognise their importance to the health of the local economy.

“However, this research also highlights the role these small independent shops play in maintaining the health and happiness of our family pets.”

“We hope to encourage dog lovers to lend their support and shop small on 3rd December and beyond.”




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