Miracle Dog that fell 60ft down a dam wins the pet survivor award

Pet Survivor award darcy
Darcy fell down a 60ft dam

Named Pet Survivor of the Year:

A dog has made an extraordinary recovery after falling down a 60ft dam and has been awarded Pet Survivor of the Year.

The 2 year old cocker spaniel, Darcy, plunged down the concrete dam while walking with her owners in the Scottish Highlands.

She experienced many injuries that were life threatening, including liver damage, pelvic fractures, a ruptured spleen, a dislocated leg and even an open fracture to her rear leg and hip.

Darcy made a superb recovery, following life-saving surgery, before undergoing three final operations.

Due to the extreme injuries that Darcy was subjected to and recovered from against all odds, she has been awarded the PDSA Pet Survivor of the Year.

Pet Survivor award darcy
Darcy made a ‘extraordinary’ recovery from several life-threatening injuries

Darcy’s owner, Gordon Lyon, said his family was “beyond delighted” about the award after the “traumatic experience”.

Mr Lyon’s wife, said: “Darcy’s vets were extraordinary, they really went above and beyond for her.

“The treatment has cost thousands of pounds, thankfully her insurance has covered a lot of that although we have still had to pay for some parts of her rehab.

“The costs do mount up, but when we see her happy and running again it’s totally worth it.

We wish Darcy all the best and hope she will continue to fully recover and enjoy life. Dogly’s own spaniel Lord Bentley has been advised against going anywhere near dams!!!

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