Two men who buried a dog with a nail hammered into its head alive thought it was ‘the right thing’ to do

dog with a nail hammered in its head

TWO men have admitted animal cruelty offences after a dog with a nail hammered into its head was found buried alive in woodlands .

The RSPCA confirmed the dog, Scamp, was found by walkers in the Kirkleatham Woods last october.

16 year old Scamp was found groaning in agony and pain in a shallow grave in the woods.

Richard Finch, and Michael Heathcock both from Redcar admitted charges attributing to Scamps death, in Court on Wednesday.

Heathcock has pleaded guilty to forcing a nail into Scamp’s tiny skull as well as failing to provide simple care and attention from a Vet for the dog.

dog with a nail hammered in its head scamp
Scamp was found by walkers at Kirkleatham Woods – EVENING GAZETTE
The friend of Heathcock as also admitted to assisting in the disgusting act of cruelty.
The prosecuting officer from the RSPCA warned the court that is was an extremely distressing case and probably the worst he had seen.
It came to light in the court that it took around six hammer blows to drive the nail into Scamps skull.

The disgusting pairs reasons….

Both men, if they can be called that, told the police that that Scamp was deaf, blind and with use of his back legs and the both felt it was “the right thing to do”.

Heathcock told officers because the dog was incontinent his house “had started to smell” and “something had to be done”.

On 21st October the pair handed themselves in after the story hit facebook and national newspapers.

Mr Ellwood said: “They decided to take the dog to Kirkleatham Woods and took a claw hammer and nail.

They hatched the plot to kill Scamp in October to avoid paying the around £200 to have him put down.

“They agreed Mr Heathcock will drive a nail into the dog’s skull.”

Heathcock admitted to killing his pet of 16 years, while his friend Finch was on look out.

It was claimed in court that they didnt intend to cause scamp any suffering.

The case has been adjourned until March 1.

Both men were granted bail.

Back in October the residents held a memorial for Scamp showing not everyone is as disgusting as these two.

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