Irma: Man decides to risk hurricane after airline refuses to let him fly with dog

Matt Vargas was turned away at Miami Airport because he couldnt get a carrier for his dog Mika in time.

A man attempting to escape from Hurricane Irma told by an airline that he wasnt allowed to board with his dog – so he decided to risk violent storm instead.

Matt Vargas was preparing to flee Miami as millions of others are leaving the state ahead of winds up to185mph that are tearing towards Floridas coast.

He tried at least 10 pet shops to buy a carrier for Mika – knowing that there is a rule that animals must be caged to travel in the hold area of a plane.

He failed to get a cage after find all the stores were out of stock, so decided to try his luck and arrived at Miami Airport to buy a plane ticket with his pet dog.

Airline workers at the last airline with spare seats quickly turned him away.

He eventually decided to return home to his area of Miami and is going to face Irma rather than abandon Mika because of the airlines policy.

Matt said: “I waited an hour in the queue and I don’t have a dog carrier – and they won’t let me on without a dog carrier.

“So I’m heading back just to ride out the storm.”

Around 100,000 people refused to leave their homes during Hurricane Katrina – with nearly half saying they didn’t want to leave their animals behind.

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