Merseyside Police Dog Dies While On Duty

Via Merseyside Police

It has been confirmed that in the early hours of 8th November, a valued Merseyside Police Dog, PG Ghost, died during an incident while on duty.

The 3 year old German Shepherd Merseyside Police Dog named Ghost, and his handler Constable Bartley, had been deployed to attend a reported break in at an address in Newton-le-Willows, and to trace the offenders. It wasn’t until some time later that Ghost was found on the M6 motorway and had been hit by a vehicle and received fatal injuries.

Ghost was always a fighter and when he joined the police force he couldn’t actually smell, which isn’t really ideal for a police dog, they found polyps in his nose but that was soon resolved. Last year he suffered an injury to his tail and also suffered a Gastric Torsion and it was thought he would have to be retired. Its rare for police dogs to recover from things like this but Ghost was a fighter and came back fighting fit.

Ghost had his blossoming career cut short while on duty and he had proved his worth in previous operations with successful arrests while on duty.

Earlier in the year Constable Bartley and Ghost were both called to a scene of a burglary. Ghost managed to sniff out a dumped balaclava which had been hidden under the roots of a tree and as a result of the DNA found on the balaclava the two suspects were arrested.

On one of PD Ghost and his handlers last shifts together Ghost located a theif who was hiding in some woodland after recently stealing a cash box from a taxi, the cash box was also found.

Merseyside Police Dog
Constable Dave Bartley with Ghost (right) and his second police dog Lucy.

The colleagues of Constable Bartley are offering all the support they can as the loss of a Police Dog is felt by the handlers as a loss of a friend and colleague. They are an important part of the force, and work day and night to assist the office in the crime fighting.  Ghost and his handler were a great team and Ghost is said to be a valued member of the force.

Police Commissioner Jane Kennedy from the Merseyside Force said, “I feel desperately sorry for PD Ghost’s handler and for the whole team who worked with him. “They should be proud of the commitment Ghost gave. He was part of the police family and I have no doubt will be sorely missed.”


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