Robot Dog | Is one coming to a home near you?


Boston Dynamics,  has just revealed a robot dog creation call SpotMini that looks like a cross between a giraffe and a dog. It wont just replace your family pet but it can clean your house as well. We arent sure that cuddle times would be quite the same.

Robot Dog in kitchen

SpotMini weighs in at around 30kg with all its attachments. Boston Dynamics have built many robots that use hydraulics but they have opted for using electric motors to provide movement for this smaller model. On a full charge SpotMini can move around you home for around 90 minutes before requiring another charge.

Robot dog on stairs

SpotMini is packed full of state of the art sensors for navigating almost any environment, and SpotMini can climb stairs better than most people can. Still not as fast as our nimble Lord Bentley can though!

Robot Dog in Lounge

Just as any real dog SpotMini can be taught or guided by a human to perform most tasks that you require. But instead of just the normal sit, wait, stay and paw commands the SpotMini can perform household chores like delivering drinks, delivering food and even cleaning.

Robot Dog Slipping over

Just like humans, SpotMini isn’t completely immune to the odd mishap but there wont be any broken bones. SpotMini is able to right itself with its long arm to get its self back up onto its legs.

Robot Dog demo

At the end of its arm is a small head that can be used to grip things. Boston dynamics have added the latest solid state gyro into the head so it can hold its self perfectly still while the rest of the body can move around. This makes carrying drinks and things with liquid a walk in the park ( which is something the dog wont actually need to do)

Here at Dogly we are amazed by this robot dog but cant see it ever replacing that family dog, wheres the cuddle time and the character that each dog gives you. It is however an amazing tool for disabled people that need an assistance dog but would struggle to care for one easily. Dangerous environments are also an ideal place for this like bomb disposable or other war areas where humans could avoid putting them selves at risk.

We love it but it will never replace our furry friends

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