FitBark Dog Activity Monitor: Is your dog active enough

Fitbark Activity

Fitness trackers for pets might seem a bit far fetched, but an active lifestyle is every bit as healthy for your furry friends as it is for you. The £59.95 FitBark Dog Activity Monitor is a fitness tracker for dogs of all sizes that syncs with an app on your phone or computer to check in on your dog’s activity.


Design and Features of the Fitbark

The device itself has a 3-axis accelerometer inside. Its been designed specifically for dogs and will recognise the ways that a dog walks, runs and sleeps. Due to this careful movement tracking software it wont sucessfully track other species such as cats or humans.

The plastic unit, shaped like a dog bone treat, is only around 8grams, so the dog wont even know its there. It measures roughly 4.1 by 1.0 by 2.8 cm, and comes in five colors: blue, gray, green, pink, and red. It’s waterproof providing the rubber cover for the micro USB charging port is correctly closed.

The FitBark uses a micro USB lead to charge its Lithium-ion battery. The battery is expected to last around 10 – 14 days depending on activity.

The Fitbark will sync to your mobile app via bluetooth and can also pull in data from your own Fitbit, Jawbone, Google fit or a variety of other human fitness trackers.

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