Dog Prams: The Best Dog Pushchairs for 2020

dog prams

Dog prams are pushchairs for pets that have mobility issues preventing them from getting out and about?

Dog Prams can be particularly useful if your dog has mobility issues from old age or injuries. They quite often come sold with various names like dog buggies, dog pushchairs, or dog strollers but are essentially the same thing.

As usual in the doggy world, there is a massive range of pet prams and there will be some great ones but also some bad ones. Each owner will be looking for different things, one dog, two dogs, storage for dogs toys, or even storage for shopping.

Best Dog Pram For Small Dogs (up to 15kg).

Pet Gear Happy Trails No-Zip Stroller

The Pet Gear Happy Trails pram is ideal for small dogs and also cats, its suitable for pets up to 15kg and they will love it. Its special zero zip design makes it a clear winner eliminating fumbling for the zip while holding your dog. A superb design allowing a quick and efficient one-handed operation.

The pram is fitted with a handy “parent” tray on the handle for water bottles, phone, poo bags, and any other bits you may need.

Underneath the pram is a big storage basket much like the normal kid’s pushchairs you get. This is great for putting shopping in, your coat, or any other bulky items that you may have.

The pram is constructed using 600 denier water-resistant material on the exterior surfaces. On the inside of the pram is a reversible fleece liner to keep you dog snug especially on the cold winter walks. There’s also an interior tether for added security in case the dog decides to exit the pram!


  • 6″ Wheels for smooth travel over everyday terrain
  • Basic Suspension on front wheels
  • Zero zips and an easy locking latch to speed up access
  • Paw rest so smaller pets can see out the window
  • Panoramic window for good viewing
  • Handy tray for drinks and other bits and pieces
  • Brakes on both back wheels

Best Dog Pram For Medium Dogs (up to 30kg).

IREENUO Four-wheeled Reversible Dog Pram

IREENUO Four-wheeled dog pram

The IREENUO Four-wheeled dog pram is an ideal choice of pushchair for your medium-sized dog around 30kg max. 

The pram compartment can be fitted in two orientations, facing away from you or facing towards you. Perhaps your dog would like to keep an eye on you while your out and about to feel safer.

The front wheels can rotate a full 360 degrees which can be helpful on terrain like gravel. Although this is not an off-road pram it will cope with bumpy pavements or the odd gravel driveway.

The external surfaces are constructed from water-resistant 600 denier to ensure your dog is kept dry inside. Around the dog pram canopy is a breathable mesh allowing the dog to see out but not get out.

Underneath the pushchair is a very large storage compartment. Also on the rear of the pram is a secure pocket for your valuables, keys, phones, etc.


  • Mesh window at the top allows you to see your dog.
  • Waterproof canopy over the top of pram
  • Brakes on rear wheels.
  • Foam padded handle from comfort.
  • Brakes on both back wheels

How to Choose the Best Dog Pram | What to look for in a Dog Pushchair

Waterproofness of the Dog Prams

The weather in the UK is known for being quite wet and isn’t always that predictable. It is quite important to consider the materials of any Dog Prams that you are looking at.

The vast majority of the Dog buggies on the market are constructed from a material called 600 Denier. Its the material you find many things made of such as backpacks, camping chairs, outdoor covers, and kids pushchairs.

It really is one of the main points you should look for when purchasing a new pram. There are Dog Prams that aren’t made from this and come with a plastic cover. The downside is the plastic cover needs to be fitted when it rains, you have to store it somewhere and they steam up and aren’t breathable.

Safety Aspects of Dog Prams

You should always ensure that the Dog Pram you are looking at has internal tethering. This will ensure that your dog cannot decide to suddenly jump from the buggy and injure itself self, especially when walking near roads.

A brake is another important safety factor most of them have a brake on the rear wheels that you can press with your foot to lock it on. No one wants a runaway doggy in a dog pushchair flying out of control down the road!

Dog Pram Suspension

If you are someone that runs or used to run with your dog as a form of exercise you may find your elderly or injured dog can’t keep up. An off-road running dog pushchair is an ideal solution for this.

They come fitted with suspension and much larger wheels that resemble bike wheels. These will ride smoothly over mud and bumpy terrain with ease. They do come with a higher price tag but they do have more design thought gone into them.

Many of the cheaper standard dog strollers will come with “suspension” on the front wheels but its more of a basic suspension and a selling gimmick.

Wheels – The bigger the better?

The size of the wheels makes a huge difference in the maneuverability of dog prams. The larger the wheel the easier it will be to push, it enables it to go over potholes or not become jammed on a little stone.

Ideally, you should be looking at wheels of 6 inches or more, there are some out there with 3 or 4-inch wheels and they are not very good.

Fully 360 degree rotating wheels at the front make steering much easier and can stop it from getting pulled about by uneven surfaces. Front wheels like this are also great for nipping in and out of people in crowded areas.

Unfolding and Folding Away

You need a Dog Pram that can be folded with minimal effort, the last thing you want is to be trying to hold your dog and struggle to pack the pram away.
There are many that of a “one-handed” fold away technique which is so useful if you are holding your dog lead in the other.

Maximum Dog Weight

Always check the weight capacity on the technical specs of the pushchair they will mainly be listed to suit small, medium & large. You may have to weigh your dog on the scales at home to be sure as some breeds can have a wide weight range.

Solar Radiation Protection

It’s advised to get dog prams that are fitted with a full canopy to protect against UV rays. Most of the canopies can be folded back if the dog wants to have a convertible pushchair for a bit of posing!
Ensure that the canopy as lots of mesh around the front and sides so there is zero chance of the dog overheating. You may think that because of its shaded in there that they will be cool but they NEED ventilation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are dog prams and dog pushchairs?

A Dog Pram is a pushchair designed to carry a dog. A dog pram has the basic features that a kid’s pushchair has. They are an ideal solution for a dog that no longer has the full mobility they used to and wants to get out.

Whats the best type of wheel for a dog pram?

Dog pushchairs come with a wide range of wheels, different materials, different sizes, and even pneumatic tyres.
Large wheels are easier to push and ride over lumps better – 6inch plus is best. Pneumatic wheels are best for really rough terrains like muddy tracks or rough rocky terrains. Hard rubber wheels are best suited for towns and pavements and the larger off-road wheels are not required.

What size dog pram does my dog need?

You need to make sure that the stroller you looking at is suitable for your dog’s size. If your dog is not yet an adult size you could check with your vet or online to get a rough adult size. This will prevent it from outgrowing the new dog pushchair.
It will be important to weight your dog so you can check it again the Prams recommended max weight. You could also take some measurements of your dog in various positions to make sure it will fit inside.

Top Reasons To Use A Dog Pram

  • Helps dogs with mobility issues enjoy life
  • Allows dogs recovering from injuries and illnesses recover
  • Can help keep them cool and have a rest
  • Offers a safe place in crowded areas or from getting trodden on
  • Provides mental stimulation as they can get out and have a good sniff
  • Calms dogs with anxiety issues
  • Allow you dog to do more with you like outdoor running
  • Better exercise as you dog can ride to the park have a little run and then rest
  • Easy way to transport dogs to and from the vets or therapy centres.

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