Doggy Paddle Norwich: Indoor Dog Swimming Pool in Norwich

Doggy Paddle Norwich

Indoor Dog Swimming is now a thing!

Does your dog dream of swimming all the time and even in the cold of winter? Maybe your doggy friend is nervous about water or maybe never even encountered it. Doggy Paddle Norwich could be the place for you. Now that the UK winter is approaching perhaps outdoor swimming is no longer an option. Your dog will still need exercise as much in winter as the summer and the dark wet nights are not very appealing. This is the reason indoor swimming pools for dogs are now a thing and are proving very very popular.

Swimming Pool For Dogs In Norfolk

Mother and daughter team Rachel and George Lambert recently opened Doggy Paddle Norwich in the Hellesdon area of Norwich. The pool is exclusively for, yes you guessed it for, your favourite doggy friend. Humans will be allowed in to accompany their pets providing they are on best behaviour!

What Started The Doggy Paddle Norwich Pool Idea?

The pair who have their own dogs Blue & Tinker who are both Golden Labradors who love to swim. Their favourite local swimming lake has recently suffered from blue algae which can be life-threatening to dogs if swallowed. As a result this was one of the driving factors that hatched the idea and eventually the business was born, albeit with a slight delay to the coronavirus. MC Webb builders were able to work with Rachels ideas to create exactly what she wanted. Rachel couldnt be happier with the results and its exactly what she wanted.

What Happens During A Typical Doggy Paddle Norwich Dog Swimming session?

You have probably seen pools for dog hydrotherapy for injured or recovering dogs. These are normally small tanks with a strong current to keep the dog swimming gently in one place.

Well, Doggy Paddle Norwich is about exercise but also just as importantly fun fun fun. Dogs will be able to run, swim, jump, dive, splash in the pool or for the timid dogs they can walk down the ramp. Sessions are available in 30 minutes sessions and the pool will always extensively cleaned after each session.

Doggy Paddle Norwich Diving
Indoor Dog Swimming Pool in Norwich

Owners will be able to join their dog in the pool if they wish, this may help relax some dogs that may have anxiety. Humans will have to follow the normal swimming pool rules no running, bombing, shouting pushing or petting (unless it’s your dog!). Dogs are free to do as they wish as its all about them.

Although it’s not a full hydrotherapy centre, swimming will have great benefits for any dog. The normal running and jumping in a field chasing a ball can cause lots of impacts on joints. Swimming will provide the same exercise but is much kinder on the joints.

Benefits of Indoor Dog Swimming Pools.

There’s a huge amount of people that assume their dog and all dogs can swim. However, dogs come in so many sizes and some are just not built for it and will struggle without help. Short legs, long legs, short nose or long nose the list is endless and it can play a huge part in their swimming ability.

Some dogs will have never been in the water and it could be a scary experience if not carried out correctly. In the care of Rachel, who is a trained in canine first aid, you can be assured that your dog will be in the best hands.

Dog owners must know if their dogs can swim. There have been many cases where a dog has fallen into a body of water and the owner has jumped in to save it and ended up in trouble themselves and the dog just swims out. If people are aware of their dog’s abilities situations like this could be avoided.

Indoor Dog Swimming Pool in Norwich

About The Pool

  • Pool dimensions: The pool is 7meters x 4 meters and is fully surrounded by a safe decking platform with an access ramp for dog and steps for owners.
  • Sessions are bookable in 30minutes slots and priced depending on the number of dogs. Your dogs will get around 20 minutes of swimming which is around the equivalent of a 2-hour walk!
  • Temperature: The pool is kept at around 28° C. Slightly lower than a hydrotherapy pool at the 30° to 32° C. As the Doggy Paddle Norwich doesn’t offer hydrotherapy the higher temperature is required. A river in the summer will typically be around 15° C so the higher temperature is really for the owners!
  • Water safety: The pools water is cleaned using an ionization process. During this process copper, zinc and silver ions are added to the water into the water to destroy algae, bacteria and virus. This is a common method used commercial pools and pools for penguins in zoos!
  • The maximum number of dogs per session: 1 to 5 dogs can attend each 30-minute session.
  • Opening times:  See the website for current opening times
  • FAQ’s: If you have a question you can see if it’s answered here

Checkout their facebook page for more info
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