Kat The Dog: Rescued From The Brink Of Death

Kat The Dog

Kat The Dog: The remarkable tale of a rescued Spanish water dog

This week at Dogly we’ve had our noses firmly stuck in a new book called Kat The Dog! The brilliant author Alyson Sheldrake has kindly sent her latest release and we couldn’t wait to give it a read.

Ginie de Weerd was on holiday in southern Spain, when she discovered an abandoned dog staggering along a rural road. Starving and covered in fleas and ticks, Kat was unaware that today was her lucky day and her life was about to change forever. Ginie is an unpaid volunteer and dedicates her life to saving dogs like Kat.

Author Alyson Sheldrake saw the photographs online of this little Spanish Water Dog, and knew she was the dog she had been waiting for. Alyson had been living in Britain and work commitments had never allowed her the chance to have a dog. However, now that she was living in Portugal everything had seemed to fall into place and Kat was definitely “The One”

Dogly’s view of Kat the Dog’s Story.

Kat the dog is the emotional tale of a rescued Spanish Waterdog. From humble beginnings we learn about a dog’s journey from an abusive start to life to finding love and safety. The dog’s character is so vivid and gives an uncanny ‘dogs eye view’ to her life and surroundings. It makes you question what’s really going on behind those puppy dog eyes of our furry best friends.

We couldn’t put the book down, Kat’s story had us hooked from the start as we couldn’t wait to see what exciting adventure was going to happen next! It gives a real insight into the great work the rescue centres do and the plight of so many abandoned animals across the continent. A must read for all dog and animal lovers.

Abby @ dogly

Where can you get hold of this great book?

The eBook, paperback and hardback are available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. The paper back can be ordered from any bookstore or library.

Here’s the link to Kat The Dog on Amazon if you are a kindle unlimited member its free (

Alyson is donating 15% of the profit from the sale of the book to local animal rescue charities.

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