5 Tips to get Your Dog to Enjoy Bath Time Some

dog in bath
Photo by Darren Richardson on Unsplash

Some dogs take to water and bath time like a duck and love splashing around getting pampered and clean. Other dogs absolutely hate bath time and can make your life hectic trying to get them bathed. If you have a dog similar to the latter type, here are 5 tips to get your dog ready and excited for bath time!

#1 Bribes

You might have to get your dog’s favourite foods, chew toy or even slipper ready near the bathtub before bathing your dog, and this practice is highly encouraged! Keeping treats nearby to reward your dog every time it demonstrates good behaviour will make them feel more loved and they will obey your commands a lot quicker.

#2 Take the bath outside

If you have a large dog, a bathtub might be too small of a space for them causing them to feel confined and claustrophobic. Giving your dog a bath in your back garden with a hose can be turned into a fun game as well, and your dog will enjoy bath time a lot more with the space to move!

#3 Maintain the right water temperature and pressure

Let’s face it, you would also hate if someone changed your water temperature to freezing cold or boiling hot mid-shower. While dogs have fur, some thicker than others, they can still feel the cold or experience stinging or pain with temperatures too high. You will also see your dog love bath time more if the water is at a temperature they prefer.

#4 Exercise before

If your dog still hates bath time with a passion, going on a longer walk or agility courses in the park will tire out your dog making bath time easier. Bath time could also be very relaxing for your tired dog, and this could lead to them suddenly enjoying bath time more! You can search for professional dog walkers near you if you are too busy for a long walk. For instance, a Central-London based on-demand dog walking app Pawsapp offers easy, flexible booking and private walks for their customers with innovative features. You can count on fun and energetic. Pawsapp walkers to guarantee your dog has an excellent time at the park making that dreaded bath time just a bit easier for you.

#5 Enlist a helper

Even the most hyperactive dog will eventually calm down, but this may take hours and hours.
You can make life easier for yourself by asking a family member or friend to assist you with bath time. Plus, more hands means the job will be done quicker!
These top tips should hopefully make you and your dog feel more comfortable with bath time, so that it becomes easier to get your dog into the bathtub!


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