Dog Advent Calendar – Best Advent Calendars for Dogs

Dog Advent Calendar

Get a great dog advent calendar your perfect pup will love.

In recent years advent calendars have moved on a long way since the days of getting a thin piece of weird tasting chocolate. You can get beauty advent calendars, beer advent calendars even lego advent calendars but why should your dog miss out. Check out our guide below and get them a dog advent calendar.

So when December arrives and everyone’s opening there little doors why not make sure your dog can join in. We had a look about and picked some of best dog advent calendars filled with luxury treats, dog-safe chocolate and tasty biscuits.

Some of the available advent calendars for dogs?

Scrumbles Dog Advent Calendar

Scrumbles Dog Advent Calendar

The Scrumbles Advent Calendar is a great Christmas gift for your dog. It contains healthy natural dog treats from the Scrumbles range. Dog dental sticks with an added active ingredient to help reduce plaque forming. Calming dog treats that taste great and are gentle on tummies. All the treats are baked in the UK with responsibly sourced ingredients and even carbon neutral ovens are used. Its a win-win with this one, an inexpensive price and great for the environment and more importantly your dog.

Lily's Kitchen Christmas Spectacular Advent Calendar

Lily’s Kitchen Christmas Spectacular Advent Calendar

Lily’s Kitchen hand-drawn Advent Calendar for dogs is a great festive gift for your dogs count down to Christmas. Each window of this lovely calendar contains a Lily’s Kitchen natural dog treats. There’s a good mix of some of Lily’s ranges of dog treats including Rise and Shines, Training Treats and Bedtime Biscuits. This calendar is the one of the most expensive in our list but its definitely worth it.

Pooch & Mutt - Christmas Advent Calendar for Dogs

Pooch & Mutt – Christmas Advent Calendar for Dogs

The Pooch & Mutt calendar will help your dog stay calm in the build-up to Christmas. This is definitely one we will be trying on Doglys rather lively spaniel, Bentley! Each door houses a mini bone treat with wonderful calming ingredients including L-tryptophan which forms serotonin.

Dog Advent Calendar

RNLI Dog Advent Calendar

Not the most expensive or highest quality but hey will your dog care and its for a great cause. Reward your dog over the Christmas holidays while supporting a great and vital charity!

Each window of the calendar contains a carob-based treat which is a healthy dog-safe alternative to chocolate. Free from cocoa, wheat and gluten and containing non-hydrogenated fats, this treat-filled advent calendar

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