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  • get rid of your dogs


    Get Rid Of Your Dogs: Wait Till You See What This Expectant Couple Did

    Get Rid Of Your Dogs!!!! Dog owners know that their dogs are as much a part of the family as any human, but could you get rid of your dogs? This couple has been under pressure from many people saying “Get rid of your dogs” when they find out the couple are expecting a child. Sanjana Madappa and […]

  • Dog Catching Treats


    These Dogs Catching Treats Will Make Your Day

    Dogs Catching Treats in Pictures Most dog owners know the fun involved with taking pictures of there furry friend. There are some situations that can be tricky unless you are a top photographer. German photographer Christian Vieler loves to capture the images of dogs we wouldn’t have a chance of getting. Christian has captured Dogs Catching […]

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    Bionic Dog: You wont believe how lucky this dog is!

    Bionic Dog Dillon was spared from certain death in Ukraine by dog lover Lyn Johnstone. Dillon is at present the only dog in the UK to be fitted with four prosthetic limbs, therefore becoming a Bionic Dog. Dillon’s new owner Lyn Johnstone says she is incredibly proud of the way Dillon is adapting to his new legs. Lyn saved Dillon from […]

  • The French Bulldog

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    The French Bulldog Set To Overtake The Labrador As Britain’s Top Dog

    The Labrador is soon to loose the top dog crown of Britain to The French Bulldog The French Bulldog, a breed favoured by many celebrities, is set to top the most popular dog charts in 2018. Its going to be the first time the Labrador Retriever has been knocked off the top spot for 27 years. The breed […]

  • Kids Might Prefer their Pets To Their Siblings

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    Kids Might Prefer Their Pets To Their Siblings: Cambridge Study

    Kids might prefer their pets to their siblings because they get more satisfaction out of their relationships with their pets than they do with their actual siblings. Are your kids constantly wearing you down It could be time to get a dog because kids might just prefer their pets to their siblings. A recent study […]

  • Green Puppy

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    Mint Chocolate Labrador: Dog Gives Birth To Green Puppy

    A Green Puppy! A dog owner has received a bit of a shock after her Chocolate Labrador gave birth to a green puppy. Milly the Labrador had 1 girl and 4 male puppies in her first litter. The puppies gender wasn’t the only difference in these puppies because the single female puppy was in fact green! […]

  • 100 miles 100 dogs


    100 miles 100 dogs: A non stop walk from Bristol to London

    Marc Alpin from Weston Super Mare is due to to walk ‘100 miles 100 dogs’ from Bristol to London non-stop in order to raise awareness for dogs who need rescuing and rehabilitating – he will walk a different dog for each mile of the journey. Marc is taking on the 100 miles 100 dogs challenge in May […]

  • mickey and paul o'grady


    Mickey the Street Dog learns to walk again after life changing surgery

    When Mickey arrived at Battersea Dogs Home it was amazing that he could even walk at all. Mickey is a 2 year old German Shorthaired Pointer, who was originally a stray and living on the streets of Turkey. When he was born his legs were so badly bowed that he had adapted his own way of walking, […]

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